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One of our jobs has some kind of flexibility option - such as telecommutinga part-time schedule or a flexible or flextime schedule.

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We offer our clients both temporary and permanent placement services. We are committed to finding the perfect fit for your office needs.

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Whether you’re seeking full time employment, steady temporary work, or income while you search for your dream job, we can help!

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Need short or long term help to keep your office running smoothly? Save time and money by letting Colorado Dental Temps fulfill your staffing needs .

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What Dental Coffee Shop Offers

Dental Coffee Shop is a virtual coffee shop that allows employers to connect with future employees, network with other dental professionals, blog about the latest news in the dental community and advertise your business.


Through our new Dental Coffee Shop App, you can post temporary or permanent placement positions, view resumes of qualified candidates, approve time cards and submit payments all electronically! Looking to hire a new team member? Contact a Dental Coffee Shop Representative and you can list your job placement or choose to view candidates resumes all with a few clicks.


Become a Dental Coffee Shop Employee and you can create your ideal work schedule! Using Dental Coffee Shop’s Dental Staffing App, you will be able to choose what jobs you would like to accept from your home computer or mobile phone. Work as many days as you like and for whomever you like. Register your FREE account today to get started!


Permanent Placement opporunities are listed under Permanent Placement page. If you are interested in one of the jobs, please contact Dental Coffee Shop for additional information. If you want offices to be able to view your resume enable the full time or part time option under your profile. Find the ideal office you are looking for!


Dental Coffee Shop employs all the Dental Temps. This means Dental Coffee Shop pays all required taxes, Worker’s Compesation coverage and payroll expenses! No need to fill out multiple W-4’s or write a check each day to the Dental Temp. Let Dental Coffee Shop do the work for you so you can focus on your practice.


Dental Coffee Shop employs dental staff that are sent from Dentalcoffeeshop.com and covers all state and federal taxes, workers compensation and unemployment, so your office has no added paperwork to complete when utilizing temporary dental staff!


Need Support? Call or email and a Dental Coffee Shop Representative will be happy to assist with any needs that you may have. (970) 779-5435

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